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Crosley Portable Cassette Player Blue Gr


Crosley Portable Cassette Player Blue Gr

Cassettes are back, and it's now possible to play them with this light weight Crosley Cassette player in a 80s design. You can take it anywhere because of the battery powered option. Connect your phone with the Bluetooth function and listen to anything you like. The built-in microphone gives you the ability to record a song or message, it’s a fun and accessible way to be creative.

- 1 full range speaker

- 8 Ω 2W 3”

- Tape Deck

- AM/FM Radio

- Bluetooth

- Extendable Antenna

- Cassette Auto Stop

- Built-in Microphone

- AC Power Adapter or Battery Powered (4xC)

Measurements: (W)8.5cm, (D)24cm, (H)11.6cm - Weight: 1kg

Colour(s): Rose gold/Grey

Material(s): Plastic

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