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Moka Induction 2Cups D&G


Moka Induction 2Cups D&G

In the exclusive Dolce&Gabbana edition, Moka Express Bialetti becomes a tribute to the artistic professions, landscapes and unique colors of Sicily, recalling the decorative motifs of the Sicilian Cart.

• Dimensions: 10.5 x 16 x 12.5 cm

• Capacity: 90 ML - 3 OZ, corresponding to 2 cups of brewed coffee

• Made in Italy

Bi-layer boiler material with double layer (3.5mm thick) for perfect heat distribution: aluminum inside, steel outside.

Handle and knob in soft touch painted PA66 plastic material

Easy-clean safety valve

Compatible with electric, gas and induction hobs.

Every single Bialetti Dolce&Gabbana Moka Express is characterized by distinctive features linked to the variability of the position of the decorative motifs on the collector.

Wash after each use with warm water without using detergents and/or abrasive materials

Not dishwasher safe.


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