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Rovittello Etna Rosso


Rovittello Etna Rosso

Size: 0,75
Grapes: Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio 


Area of production:countryside Rovittello, on the northern side of Etna, commune of Castiglione di Sicilia (Ct).

Climate: high rainfall and humidity with great temperature changes throughout the day.

Terrain: sandy, volcanic, very rich in minerals with subacid reaction.

Grape variety: Nerello Mascalese (Negrello), grown as alberello (free standing bush). This is the main indigenous vine of the Etnean region. It has large medium-compact bunches, with medium-sized grapes having skins light blue, very pruinose. Taste is sweet and very tannic. Nerello Cappuccio or Mantellato (mantled) grown as alberello (free standing bush). The place of origin is unknown. It has medium-small sized compact bunches, medium-sized grapes, blue-black skins. Taste is sweet and slightly tannic.

Vinification: the grapes at late ripening (2nd decade of October) are traditionally vinified in red with long maceration of the must with the skins.

Maturation: after malolactic fermentation, the wine matures in small casks (225 liters) for more than one year.Refining in bottles for 8 - 10 months.

Organoleptic characteristics

- color: red ruby with tints of garnet red.

- scent: etheral, intense, delicate with hints of vanilla, chestnut flowers and noble wood.

- taste: elegant, harmonic, remarkably persistent and reasonably tannic.

Gastronomic accompaniment: with red meat, sauces, wild fowl and mature cheese. It benefits from long permanence in bottle, becoming more austere and mature 4-5 years after harvest.

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