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Zen Cotton Box Bamboo White


Zen Cotton Box Bamboo White

The art of organizing things harmonically is part of the Zen theory: Good-feeling and satisfaction raise with good organization. Philip Wong was inspired by this Zen philosophy for his design.


The Zen Collection is composed of simple organizers for utensils of all kinds. In the kitchen, on the sink in bathroom, on the desk. All the objects is possible to use in every space where is necessary organize spaces and mind. The user decides by him what things are stored inside of it, but one thing is sure: Things are stored harmonically inside of the utensils container with four compartments, since the harmonically soft designed Zen Collection ensures clear tidiness.


Lexon manufactures the Zen line out of bamboo wood and PLA, a plastic based on bamboo fiber. This ensures that not only aesthetical demands, but also the green piece of mind is satisfied and happy.


Zen Cotton box

Dimensions: 15,4 x 8,4 x 9,4 cm / 380 gr

Material: Bamboo fiber, bamboo

Designer: Philip Wong

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